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Action Ministry - Mombasa, Kenya Activating Christ's Transformation In Our Nations

Action Ministry is a Christian organization with the vision to reach marginalized peoples with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to meet the needs of orphans, widows, destitute families, slum dwellers, and street families.

Our Story


I was born and raised in a village in Western Kenya in 1980. Growing up in the village I experienced firsthand poverty as a child and youth, having been born into one of the poorest families. My parents struggled to ensure that I receive even basic education. By the time I finished primary school there was no hope of stepping into a secondary school classroom. Though I was academically well qualified to continue, I lacked the money for school fees.

However, a miracle happened just before I missed out on the opportunity to attend secondary school. Our community members and people from the Church came together, donating cash, stationery, and school uniforms, which enabled me to join the local village secondary school approximately five kilometres away from our homestead. Although I missed out on the more prestigious boarding school education where I had secured admission, I was the happiest lad in the village nonetheless, trekking ten kilometres daily to and from school.

The four years of High School education were tough. I was on and off school many times; sometimes out for long periods due to the lack of either fees or basic learning requirements. But the continuous support I received from my parents and our community, people who gave sacrificially out of love despite their own poverty, enabled me to carry on. They touched my life and shaped my destiny. By God's grace I was able to complete high school.

God used those tough years in high school to create a vision in my heart. I wanted to bring a positive difference to my community and to the world. Deep within me I yearned to do something that would break the poverty cycle in my community, and positively impact the world. My dreams for higher education were temporarily cut short after high school. There was no money for college, and besides, I had to find a means of supporting my younger siblings and aging parents. I landed a casual job in a small restaurant in the border town of Kenya and Uganda. During this time I fellowshipped in a church that was actively working with orphans, widows, and street children. I was so inspired that I became fully involved in working with this group.

In the year 2002 I moved to Mombasa, the second largest city on the coast of Kenya. Coming from a village background, I was baffled by all that I saw. In Mombasa (a major tourist destination) I saw wealthy people, luxurious beach hotels, and posh, upmarket homes. However, I also came face to face with abject poverty, street families living in terrible conditions, slums, hunger, disease, unemployment… the circumstances were heartbreaking. Compassion filled my heart, and I knew it was time for action to be taken. Somebody had to do something, and that somebody was me.

It was on the background of all these that God gave me the vision of ACTION MINISTRY, and in the year 2004 I founded and registered ACTION MINISTRY-- an organization that would reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ by reaching out to orphans, widows, street families, destitute families, and people living in the slums.


The same year I founded ACTION Ministry I met an old man begging in the streets of Mombasa. He was begging for school fees for his three children. Memories of my school days played in my mind, and I asked him if I might visit he and the children.

The visit took me 60 kilometres away from the city in a quiet village by the shores of the Indian Ocean. To my astonishment this village was home to over 30 families who had suffered from leprosy. Most of them had been rejected by their family members and the whole of society. Initially they had come for treatment in the neighbouring leprosy hospital, which was later closed down. Although their leprosy had been treated, its effects remained with them. These included deep, recurrent wounds, physical disabilities, other ailments, and a deep social stigma. They settled in the land next to the hospital because of rejection from their original family members. They had faced so much rejection, in fact, that that their village was named Tumbe, which means “a place for rejected people.”

The situation seemed hopeless. I knew in my heart that God had sent me to these forgotten people to restore their lives, to restore in them a life of dignity. The first item on the agenda was to change the name of the village from “REJECTED CAMP” to “BLESSED CAMP.” Over the last seven years ACTION MINISTRY has been able to establish a vibrant church, school, medical services, educational sponsorships, a feeding programme, and community-empowerment programs like tailoring, among others. We are so grateful to all the wonderful people and organizations God has brought our way. Without them we would not be where we are today. We give God all the glory for what has happened and for the great future ahead.

Peter O Ochiel
Founder & Director




We provide basic healthcare services to our community through our ACTION CLINIC, including:

-Dressing of wounds of ex-leprosy victims
-Treating and prevention of jiggers (Chigoes fleas)
-Provision of basic healthcare services to our community
-Provision of clean drinking water through digging of wells
-Promoting sanitation
-Special cases like surgeries and amputation are sponsored in established medical institutions

Initially we were treating patients under a tree.

New clinic construction.

Our completed clinic (sponsored by Reach International).


Our educational programs provide quality education for orphans & children from poor families. We also have children from the community sponsored in neighbouring elementary schools, high schools, and schools for children with special needs e.g. schools for the deaf and mentally challenged.


The Action School located at Blessed Camp provides quality education to orphaned and poor children from the Community.

The school currently has children from Pre-School, Kg1, Kg2, and Kg3 and has a population of 75 children.

Apart from their education, the children receive meals, healthcare services at the Action Clinic, and individual attention from our staff.

Our old building had dirt floors and didn't have enough seating.

Our newly completed school block.


Children with special needs receive sponsorships to attend special schools. Currently we have one girl in a school for the deaf, and a boy in the school for the mentally handicapped.


We currently have 19 children sponsored in a private primary school. Most of them are children whose parents have suffered from leprosy, are orphans, or have come from slums.

Three students are currently receiving secondary education through sponsorship by ACTION MINISTRY.

*In addition to the above, ACTION MINISTRY supports many other children who are in primary school by provision of school fees, books, uniforms, etc.


This program aims at empowering the community to be self-sustainable by engaging them in income-generating activities like tailoring, farming, among others.


We have a course that trains girls and women on tailoring, dressmaking, and crafting accessories.

In this way the community is being equipped with skills and knowledge that enables them to be productive and self-reliant by providing employment opportunities.


We are working to promote modern farming. In this way we enhance increased food production in the community, provide employment opportunities, and combat hunger and malnutrition.


We also have a Community Feeding Program for the children and most vulnerable adults.


Our Church & Evangelism programs meet the spiritual needs of the communities we serve. We believe that it’s the Gospel that can truly transform and bring change in a person’s life. At the same time people from all religions benefit from our Mercy Ministry programs.


God has used this church to greatly impact the surrounding community, and to bring a great transformation in the lives of the people.

Apart from our church services and programs, we have a Leadership School that trains and equips leaders. We also have outreach programs that include door to door and film evangelism.

Where We Work

Blessed Camp Community

Mombasa, Kenya

This community is based in the south coast of Mombasa, Kenya. It is this community that was ravaged by leprosy. Activities include church programmes, medical care, schooling, feeding programmes, and community empowerment e.g. tailoring school, among others.

Bangladesh Slums

Mombasa, Kenya

This is a heavily populated slum in Mombasa. Activities here include sponsoring children to attend school, supporting families, and reaching the residents with the Gospel. Other community empowerment programmes will soon be introduced.


Western Kenya

This is where Peter Ochiel, founder of ACTION MINISTRY, was born and raised. We have begun with digging water wells, however, other community empowerment programs will soon be introduced.













African Leadership

Brentwood, Tennessee - USA

Know Think Act

Brentwood, Tennessee - USA

Students for Children

Amsterdam - Netherlands

Stichting Tendo

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Contact Us

You can contact us in the US at:

Know Think Act
Attn: Action Ministry
PO Box 2888
Brentwood, TN 37024-2888


You can contact us in Kenya at:

Action Ministry
P.O. Box 1615-80100
Mombasa - Kenya

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